SEO Strategy

Keyword & Competition research

This would include a discovery phase to identify the most profitable key words that people are searching for on website’s like Google. For example, Toronto Recording Studio or Post Production Toronto. Once a list has been made, this data will be used throughout every other stage of your SEO campaign.

On page optimization

SEO and Analytics

Madworks provides expert SEO (search engine optimisation) services. We are competitive in this area to the point of obsession and have in depth technical knowledge of the complex areas of large scale SEO implementations.

SEO, by its nature suits our scientific approach to problems and we are constantly pushing its boundaries and testing advanced SEO tactics in our test environments in order to give our clients serious competitive advantage in this area.

Our services include:

System Hosting and Maintenance

Besides strategy, planning, design and development, a crucial additional consideration for any interactive project is facilitating the required system infrastructure and maintenance after deployment. Utilizing our self-maintained high-performance computing centers, Madworks offers system hosting and maintenance services covering a wide field from architecture design, through system deployment to system operation.

Drupal Theming

We have extensive skills, knowledge and experience in theming Drupal. We can help you with full theme creations, theme modifications, adding support for new modules etc.
Our theme development skills cover the most advanced areas of UI development across all areas of XHTML,CSS, Javascript and AJAX.

We provide pixel perfect theme development with compatibilty across whatever range of browsers / devices you require.

Project Management

Designing and building interactive solutions for some of the world's biggest brands requires more than just top-class creative and technical skills. It relies on an experienced project management team and a methodology that encompasses business focus, flexibility and an emphasis on quality. Madworks has an established process that combines strategic thinking and Agile development methods with a closely-controlled approach to milestone planning and resource allocation.

Social Media

With social networks and user-generated content forming a major part of the web's fabric, we work with global brands to develop effective strategies: to reach out to new and existing audiences, to understand in detail how companies are perceived, or even to bring entirely new communities together. This requires a deep understanding of individual and collective user behavior, as well as technical experience of how social media platforms are developed and sustained.

Drupal Consultancy

We understand that your website development project must be considered as a part of a bigger picture. And with that in mind, Madworks Professional Services offers strategic Business and IT expertise to ensure that your website project objectives and functionality are fully aligned with your strategic and commercial aims and objectives, your existing systems and processes, your workflows and the resources and capabilities of your existing teams.

Freelance Development

Haven't got the financial resources to develop a full-scale website. Our freelance development services will get you in touch with the right people for the job.